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LA SINGLA – The Cameo, Edinburgh

11 April 6:15 pm - 8:00 pm
The Cameo, Edinburgh

Director Paloma Zapata recovers the story of the deaf gitano dancer Antonia ‘La Singla’ who revolutionized flamenco, yet was written out of history.

Where: Cameo Cinema (38 Home St, Edinburgh EH3 9LZ)

When: Thursday 11 April, event starts at 18.15


Director: Paloma Zapata

Cast: Antonia Singla, Helena Kaittani, Maria Alfonsa Rosso
Genre: Documentary
Country: Spain & Germany
Year: 2023
Duration: 93′
Age rate: +16

Languages: Spanish with English subtitles


Helena Kaittani


The incredible archive footage used in the documentary serves to discover a unique artist whose force majeure shook the world of flamenco, but also to document a particular moment of the city of Barcelona and the political place the gitano community played in how we see and understand Barcelona today.
The body of the flamenco dancer Antonia La Singla endured illness, success, and oblivion, and was equally celebrated, exploited and finally forgotten. Hence Paloma Zapata’s documentary following La Singla traces and story becomes even more necessary for us to reflect on talent, trauma and desire.


Antonia Singla was born in the suburbs of Barcelona and became deaf shortly after birth, so she learned to dance flamenco without hearing the music. At the age of 17, she revolutionized the world of flamenco, but before she turned 30 she disappeared forever from the stage. Fifty years later, a young woman finds some old archives and is captivated by her. La Singla seems to hide something tragic behind her gaze and transmits a passion that goes beyond dance. How come she never heard of her before? So she decides to unravel the mystery surrounding La Singla’s disappearance and sets out on a journey to find her and learn her heartbreaking story firsthand.