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CATALAN SHORTS + Q&A with Julieta Lasarte- DCA, Dundee

13 April 3:30 pm - 5:30 pm
Dundee Contemporany Arts (DCA)

Join us to celebrate the best of Catalan cinema

Catalan Shorts at the Dundee Contemporary Arts (DCA) 

In the ninth version of the Catalan Film Festival, short films are not the exception. In Dundee you will have the chance to watch a magnificent selection of shorts made by talented filmmakers like Julieta Lasarte, Alba Cros, Christian Avilés, Juanjo Giménez, Andrea Slavicek and Marga Almirall. The audience will be able to find a wide range of stories in different formats and genres that presents you a vibrant tapestry of Catalan filmmaking.

At the end of the screening we will have the enormous fortune to have the presence of director Julieta Lasarte (La casa oberta), who will share a Q&A session with the public.

When: Saturday 13th April – 15:30
Where: DCA (152 Nethergate, Dundee DD1 4EA)

SDH captioning
English subtitling
Wheelchair accessible

Julieta Lasarte. Film director and visual artist from Barcelona.


Short Film Selection:

The Open House
Dir. Julieta Lasarte / 2023 / 19′

The open house is an imaginary reconstruction. A timeless narrative with protagonists from different times. The house as a theatre of memory. Times encapsulated in a house. Multiple layers shot one on top of the other on 16mm film open the doors of the family memory. A journey through death, mourning and birth as a reflection on presences and absences. An attempt to bring the family together once again.


Daydreaming So Vividly About Our Spanish Holidays
Dir. Christian Avilés / 2022 / 24′

Driven by their desire for light and warmth, British teenagers take a trip to the Balearic Islands. They must absorb the sun and store it in their bodies to take it back to their cloud-covered kingdom. A surreal film about the real phenomenon of “balconing” which, in recent summers, has led to tragic, self-inflicted accidents particularly among young people travelling to Spain.


Dir. Juanjo Giménez / 2022 / 15′

Synopsis: The owl has not seen the glass.


Somorrostro in Three Acts
Dir. Marga Almirall / 2023 / 16′

Through three different moments, between the sixties, the nineties and the present, the director portrays an emblematic place in Barcelona that has gone from being a marginal corner to becoming one of the epicenters of mass tourism. Somorrostro, now the beach, before the neighbourhood, is the object of this dialogue between archival and current images that is also the reunion, between frames, of a granddaughter with her grandfather.


Dir. Andrea Slaviček / 2023 / 14′

Between school trouble, mean girl drama, catchy lyrics, and a mysterious blue car, teenage Lena, sometimes distracted or interrupted, tells us the real story behind The Big Fight. But what isn’t she telling us?


Longing for Light
Dir. Alba Cros Pellisé / 2023 / 11′

Through a radically personal look, the director explores Barcelona and its light. The sun as a brush that naturally highlights the intimacy of the rooms, friends, lovers and the people around her: her chosen family.